Alchemist Recovery: Part 7

5 CEUs

  • The Cycle of Addiction: Earth

    We explore the Power of Earth's participation in The Cycle of Addiction. This is where all of the plans, desires and actions finally take form: "I've got my stuff!"

  • Journeys: Earth

    We Journey into the Medicines that come in the form of Her: the Divine Feminine. We explore this Power of Nurturance through Communion with our Food and our Home.

  • Full Access

    This is not just another CEU course. You receive the entire content of these Lessons, which can be immediately implemented with your clients in treatment.

Here's what's inside...

  • 1
    Lesson 32
    • Mother and the Divine Feminine
    • Medicine Journey: To The Divine Feminine
    • Zoom - Full Lesson
    • Zoom Audio - Full Session
    • Medicine Writes: She is Different than My He...
    • Q&A: Why Divine Feminine?
  • 2
    Lesson 33
    • Communion: Through Her Eyes
    • Medicine Journey: To Communion
    • Zoom - Full Lesson
    • Zoom Audio - Full Session
    • Medicine Writes: The Rituals of My Communion
    • Q&A: Communion Doesn't Work For My A
  • 3
    Lesson 34
    • The Perfect Home
    • Medicine Journey: To The Perfect Home
    • Zoom - Full Lesson
    • Zoom Audio - Full Session
    • Medicine Writes: Dear My Perfect Home...
    • Q&A: Why Should I Imagine A Perfect Home if It's Never Going To Happen?
  • 4
    Lesson 35
    • Communion: Nurturance
    • Medicine Journey: To Communion and Nurturance
    • Zoom - Full Lesson
    • Zoom Audio - Full Lesson
    • Medicine Writes: Dear The Animal in My Meal...
    • Q&A: Ugh!...This Whole Thing Stinks!!
    • Continuing Education for Professionals - Part 7: Lessons 32-35

Part 7: Lessons 32-35

Earth: Nurturance and Communion

NCCAOM Approved

This course has been approved for 5 PDA points in distance learning under the AOM-BIO classification.
NCCAOM Approved