Alchemist Recovery: Part 10

5 CEUs

  • The Heart's Protector: The Pericardium

    We explore how the organ system of the Pericardium becomes overprotective due to Fright. This greatly limits the Heart's ability to participate in healthy, honest relationships.

  • Journeys: Pericardium

    We Journey to discover the 4 Results of an overprotective Pericardium. This reveals the Roles one plays and the Agreements they enter into. Now, one can consciously choose intimacy and stop engaging in what is hurtful.

  • Full Access

    This is not just another CEU course. You receive the entire content of these Lessons, which can be immediately implemented with your clients in treatment.

Here's what's inside...

Part 10: Lessons 47-52

The Heart's Protector: The Pericardium

NCCAOM Approved

This course has been approved for 5 PDA points in distance learning under the AOM-BIO classification.
NCCAOM Approved